websitesAt Freo Media we have a step-by-step approach starting with a chat to understand you and your business requirements. We then design the look and feel before the process of developing a responsive website and social media to attract new customers, retain existing ones and encourage conversions of visitors to sales. We offer website design at unbelievably realistic prices, we are local, we are in real time, we drink coffee and are happy to come and see you anytime.

The initial phase of this project involves working in partnership with you to understand you and your organisations so we can ensure your website is in line with your strategic objectives. As part of this process, we will research other organisations you identify with and will review examples of design and functionality you have requested to be incorporated into your website. This stage provides us with a clear idea of the outcome you would like to achieve. From here we will move into the Design and Concept Development phase of your online project.

This stage involves the production of design concepts for your project. It is important to us that your website looks great, is easy to navigate and is custom designed to represent what is unique about your organization. So we will work closely with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the design for your site.